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THE FELLOWSHIP FOUNDATION is a network of friends from all walks of life and all ages joined together by our interest in the specific person, wisdom and reconciling power of Jesus.

The people involved in the Foundation nurture relationships and give support and encouragement to leaders from all walks of life. The mission to leaders involves facilitating candid, intimate, and thus private, relationships among their peers in governments, businesses and other organizations, based on the leadership principles taught and practiced by Jesus. This is done largely through small groups when the participants find a safe place to process both the issues of their lives and the issues that come from the responsibilities they face on a daily basis.

The Foundation operates within a collaborative rather than a hierarchical structure. A core principle of this structure is that the organization is to serve the people, not the people serving the organization. As a 501(c)3 corporation, one of the functions of the Foundation is to provide administrative and accounting support to small groups of people who come together in the spirit of Jesus Christ to serve others around the world in countless different ways. The Foundation received its tax-exempt status in 1949 but its roots are more than twenty years earlier.

The Foundation handles the legal and financial aspects faced by the people involved in the various projects, professionally and in compliance with all governing laws and regulations.

There is not a single set of executives with overall responsibilities; rather each small group prepares annual plans and budgets which are reviewed by a committee reporting to the Board. Under this scrutiny, each group is then free to conduct its efforts under the general guidelines.

The basic guiding principle is that all the activities among the poor, with youth, in prisons, for widows and orphans, among political and civic leaders and in any segment of communities, states or nations be done in the spirit and example of Jesus. The people involved in the Foundation seek to give support and encouragement to responsible leaders from all levels of society and all walks of life. This is done largely through small groups of people who meet on a regular basis among their peers to talk, think and pray together about the daily problems they are facing.


The International Foundation board of directors is responsible for financial oversight and general policy, including ensuring compliance with the bylaws of the Foundation and with all IRS regulations and federal and state laws. In addition, the board approves the annual budgets for each ministry and oversees the annual audit.

The Foundation files an IRS Form 990 in accordance with reporting requirements.

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